OutSLAM: Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) in Outdoor through Artificial Vision and Cooperative Robots
Organization: MEC
Reference: DPI2005-01280
Period: 2005-2008
P.I.: Francisco Escolano Ruiz
Funds: 145.418,00€
Heterogeneous robust SLAM: Application to rescue and surveillance tasks.
Organization: GV
Reference: GV06/134
Period: 2006-2007
P.I.: Miguel Cazorla
Funds: 23.000,00€
Cooperative information fusion for coordination and location of robots.
Organization: MCYT
Reference: DPI200407993C0302
Period: 2005-2008
P.I.: Humberto Martínez (University of Murcia)
Surveillance of Huge Indoor Environments with Robot Coordination
Organization: GV
Reference: GV05/148
Period: 2005-2006
P.I.: Domingo Gallardo López
Funds: 13.225,00€
MAP3D: Mapping with Mobile Robots using Active Vision Techniques
Organization: MCYT
Reference: TIC2002-02792
Period: 2003-2005
P.I.: Francisco Escolano Ruiz
Funds: 66.865,00€
ACTIVA: Active Vision Techniques for Target-Driven Positioning
Organization: MCYT
Reference: CICYT TAP98-0600
Period: 1998-2001
P.I.: Francisco Escolano Ruiz
Funds: 25.242,50€